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pertaining to the oracle of Delphi; having several senses

Built around a sacred spring, Delphi was considered to be the omphalos - the centre of the world. People came from all over to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo.

Mobile Learning

Published research: 'Imagine Mobile Learning in your Pocket' +  

Our research on mobile learning in K-12 is Chapter 12 in 'Mobile Technologies and Handheld Devices for Ubiquitous Learning: Research and Pedagogy', ed Wan Ng, just published by IGI Global.Some excellent chapters on the latest in mobile learning research, pedagopgy and practice.

iPhone games win eLearning Excellence Awards +  

The Hon. Martin Dixon, Minister for Education, presented the award to Delphian eLearning for their App-titude initiative, which features entertaining, high-quality and educational games for students from kindergarten to year 12. Developed in partnership with Millipede Creative Development, the apps automatically send data to an online assessment system that can be configured for any learners or for training purposes. Contact us for further information.

2011 Mobile Awards Winner! +  

At the recent 2011 Mobile Awards Presentations in Sydney, our first app 1 2 3 Sheep! won the Entertainment category for Children and Early Childhood Development. Read more at Our other entry Mathstronaut was a finalist in the Games category for Education.

Apps with automatic data collected by online system +  

Interested in getting data from your students' educational apps? App-titude's Online Assessment System is now available for purchase by your  school. It collects data from our apps - Plinkerton, Mathstronaut and 1 2 3 Sheep! and displays them in tables and graphs for the teacher. As a special offer, we have an introductory site licence which includes an iTunes voucher.

Mobile Learning Good Practice Guide

These tips may help you to benefit from the experiences of teachers and schools who have worked their way through many issues to establish and implement successful mobile learning projects.

Preview of Cybersafety app for iPad +  

Look out for a cybergame in App-titude's Cybersafety app for iPad.
Previewed in draft at the Boys and Technology conference on Monday

App-titude apps with backend data +  

Our new app Mathstronaut will be up in iTunes soon and the development of an Online Assessment System is about to go to schools trials. The apps send data to the onlien system so teachers and parents can monitor progress. Student data displays in scores, graphs and leader boards. Check out the trailer for the next two apps.
Check out Mathstronaut

Global Mobile Learning Research

Three schools in Australia, Singapore and United States collaborated on a mobile learning project using the iPod Touch that synchronised with an online learning environment. Two of the teachers gained scholarships for further international research through their innovative use of mobiles. 

iPod Touch Research Report

Mobile handheld devices like the iPod Touch engage and motivate students and improve their performance. Learn about what happened in 3 primary schools in Victoria focusing on the iPod Touch for learning. Teacher practice changed significantly along with improved student outcomes particularly for students ‘at risk’, new arrivals & ESL. Find out about the key enablers for mobile learning in your school.

iPods and Podcasting for Learning

Personal, portable, handheld devices provide flexibility, accessibility and frequency of use, can increase motivation, organisational skills, active learning and self-directed learning. Heathmont College investigates the potential of iPods and video podcasting to change teacher pedagogy and promote higher-order thinking.