what does it mean?

pertaining to the oracle of Delphi; having several senses

Built around a sacred spring, Delphi was considered to be the omphalos - the centre of the world. People came from all over to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo.

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Delphian eLearning Pty Ltd
Melbourne and Townsville, Australia

Director: Cecilie Murray
Mobile: 0438628648
Twitter: ceciliemurray

About Us

Delphian Learning draws on an extensive network of experts throughout  Australia, in the areas of ICT strategic planning, emerging technology research, curriculum and digital pedagogy, learning design and digital content including educational apps. A small, dedicated and expert team can be assembled to complete each project.

Cecilie Murray is lead partner of Delphian Learning  specialising in learning innovations and strategic planning for ICT, and the former App-titude Learning, developing high quality educational apps.

She is an Australian leader in the use of ICT in education, well-known for her work in eLearning using emerging technologies, online teaching and digital content development. Cecilie has established two virtual schools delivering curriculum across mainstream schools. She was a Senior Manager of eLearning for the Department of Education & Training, Victoria and at emagine, the Centre of Excellence in Online Learning for the Department of Education in Tasmania. She managed the first digital content development for The Le@rning Federation for all schools nationally. She has worked internationally on projects in Thailand, Indonesia, UK and Japan. Cecilie has a background in ICT, Languages other than English (LOTE), Humanities and Distance Education.

John Sloan, as partner, is an experienced educator who has worked in innovative schooling models that emphasise student learning, team teaching, Team Small Group and curriculum based on student led inquiry. John is an accomplished curriculum writer, developing modules and assessment tasks for Essential Learning and Values Education.

He provides ICT strategic planning and emerging technologies. John trained as an applied chemist and has been a secondary college teacher specialising in Middle School engagement, Science, Maths, Physics, ICT and leadership for young people.

Delphian Learning is a registered consultancy. Australian Business Number (ABN) is 87 493 907 986.